Testimonial – Pet’s Injury and General Health (个人体验 – 宠物伤口愈合和健康)

A pet owner in Malaysia reached out for help after the shirt that his elderly dog was wearing cut into her neck without him noticing. He panicked after discovering it during the weekly shower session and recalled about the healing properties of Asxence since he was taking Asxence himself
The pet owner checked with the Asxence supplier to verify that Asxence can be consumed by dogs and started feeding 2 capsules to his dog daily.
The following day, he noticed the flesh surround the wound has softened, a sign that inflammation has started to subside. By day 5, the wound healed by 70%. By day 7, the wound healed by 85% and by day 14, his dog’s wound completely healed.
Apart from healing his dog’s wound, he also noticed that his dog is more energetic, had better appetite and was more active since day 3 of taking Asxence. Now, he feeds his dog 1 capsule a day to maintain his dog’s general health.
He is here to share in case anyone has encountered similar pet injuries and wishes to improve the health and activeness of their pets.

于是,他询问昂晟(Asxence )供应商核实昂晟是否可以用于宠物。当供应商确认可以,他马上给爱狗服用2 粒胶囊。
第二天,他注意到爱狗脖子周围的伤口已经软化,是炎症开始消退的迹象。他继续每天喂爱狗2 粒胶囊,每天都有很大的进步。在第 5 天伤口已经愈合了 70 %。在第7天,伤口愈合了85%,而在第 14 天,爱狗的伤口完全愈合。
此外,除了愈合爱狗的伤口,他还注意到爱狗在服用昂晟后的第三天变得更有活力、食欲更好、更活跃。 于是他每天给爱狗喂一粒胶囊来保持爱狗的健康状况。

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