Testimonial – Limb numbness, neck and back pain (個人體驗 – 四肢麻木,颈部和背部疼痛)

A lady experienced limb numbness and chest congestion and pulling feelings after long drives and prolonged period of computer usage. She has been finding a solution to her issue without avail. Her son recommended Asxence to improve her symptoms and after consuming one bottle, she noticed improvements in her limb numbness. After her second bottle, her chest congestion and pulling feeling were gone.
Further, due to an old injury from a former car accident, she feels pain in her neck bone C3 and C4 as well as her spinal bone L5 and L6 whenever she carries heavy things. Despite visiting her chiropractor and physiotherapist for more than 40 times, her pain was never resolved. However, after consuming the second bottle of Asxence, her neck and back pain was nonexistent.
She is very happy to have such fast and good effects and decided to share her experience in order to help people with similar problems.
一位女士长时间开车或长时间使用电脑后,四肢会有麻木的感觉。此外,也会感到胸闷与偶尔的抽痛。她想方设法改善以上问题但没有办法。通过她的儿子推荐昂晟(Asxence)超级食品以改善以上症状,她开始服用Asxence。服用一瓶后 , 麻痹感差不多解决了。服用第二瓶后,胸闷与抽痛感都缓解了。
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