Testimonial – High blood pressure (个人体验 – 高血压)

Mark has long term high blood pressure. Despite being on medication, his blood pressure still reads 140-160 mostly. The doctor instructed him to do more exercise, but he did not see any visible effects from doing so.
Through a friend’s recommendation, he consumed Asxence super food after learning that it can help alleviate high blood pressure due to Asxence’s effectiveness on cardiovascular issues. After consuming 4 (2×2) capsules daily for 2 months, his blood pressure has dropped to optimal level at 120. Till now, his blood pressure is maintained at this optimal reading.
Further, he feels more energetic, fresh and less lethargic especially at the end of the day.
He is very happy and is here to share his good experiences with Asxence in hopes to reach more people and help them as well.


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