Testimonial – Fat granules and Diabetes (個人體驗 – 脂肪颗粒和糖尿病)

A man had many fat/oil granules along his neck area. After taking Asxence super food for a few months, he discovered that most of those granules disappeared and observed no signs of new granules appearing. Additionally, his skin texture improved and became more luminous and elastic.
Moreover, his chronic diabetes saw improvements as his blood sugar levels are now at better levels. Previously, he struggled to maintain his blood sugar levels even with prescribed medication and was even advised by his doctor to increase his diabetes medications.
Now, his doctors are very happy with his lowered blood sugar levels seen from his recent blood test. Gradually, his blood sugar levels are decreasing to a more optimal reading.
He would like to share his experience in hopes to help more people with similar problems.
一位男子脖子上有很多脂肪/油粒。吃了几个月的昂晟(Asxence )超级食品后,发现大部分的颗粒都没有了,也没有新颗粒出现的迹象。此外,皮肤状态也改善了很多,变得更加有光泽和有弹性。
不仅如此,他在服用昂晟(Asxence )数月后,长期慢性糖尿病问题也得到了很好的控制。他过去常面对维持血糖水平的挑战,即使有医生的处方和药,都难以控制血糖水平。他的医生总是提醒他可能需要增加他的药物。
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