Testimonial – Energy and Complexion (个人体验 – 精力和皮肤状况)

A friend recommended Jeffry to take Asxence (a superfood) to improve his overall health. After 3 months, he experienced the following benefits:
1. Due to his heavy workload, he always feel lethargic at the end of day. However, after taking Asxence, he still feels fresh and can stay focused even at the end of the day.
2. His face is more luminous and radiant and he got comments from his friends that he looks younger.
3. His fine wrinkles has lessened.
4. His dark circles lightened.
He was very happy and is here to share his experience, so other people can try out Asxence too.

有一位朋友介绍Jeffry 服用Asxence(一种超级食物)来改善他的整体的健康。服用3个月后,他体验到了以下好处:
1. 由于工作量大,他总在晚上时感到昏昏欲睡。服用昂晟后,即使在一天结束后,他还能保持注意力,感觉精力充实。
2. 他的皮肤变得更有光泽,容光焕发。朋友们还说他看起来比以前年轻多了。
3. 他脸上的细纹减少了许多。
4. 他的黑眼圈淡了很多。

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