Testimonial- Diabetic Gangrene (个人体验 – 糖尿病壞疽)

An elderly man had long term cardiovascular disease and serious diabetic problems. He did not control his diet which led to diabetic gangrene that deteriorated till he could not really walk.
Due to severe inflammation, he experienced a lot of pain which prevented him from sleeping well despite being on doctor’s prescribed medications and treatments.

His friend recommend him to Asxence and he observed the following:

1. After a few weeks of taking Asxence at 6(3×2) capsules a day, his gangrene inflammation subsided significantly and the pain decreased by more than 70%. As a result, he could start to walk and sleep better.

2. His blood pressure started to stabilise and his blood sugar reading decreased.

3. He felt more energetic and fresh to carry out his daily exercises and daily life.

4. His gangrene is almost fully healed after months of taking Asxence.

Hence, he is here to share the special healing power of Asxence in hopes that his sharing will help more people with similar issues.

幾個月前,他的朋友推薦了昂晟(Asxence )超级食品來幫助他改善病情。


1. 每天服用6(3×2)颗昂晟(Asxence)數週後,他的壞疽性炎症消退了很多,疼痛減輕了70%以上。因此,他又可以開始走路了,而且晚上可以睡得很好,因为已经不太痛了。

2. 服用昂晟(Asxence)數週後,他的血壓開始穩定,血糖指数也开始改善。

3. 他开始感覺精力充沛,可以進行日常鍛煉和起居。

4. 他的壞疽在服用昂晟(Asxence)幾個月後,基本痊癒。


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