Testimonial – Chronic eczema (个人体验 – 湿疹)

A young man had chronic eczema for many years and tried many ways to cure it. The eczema has spread to most of his body and is especially bad at his limbs. The itch was unbearable which caused him to scratch till he had open wounds.
A friend recommended him to Asxence super food to relieve his eczema issues and he started to take 4-6 capsules daily from March 2023.
By end April 2023, he saw some improvement and the itch was much lesser. His open wounds also healed much faster than before.
He continued supplementing till July 2023 where he saw his eczema improve by at least 80%. Most of the affected areas have started to heal and less new eczema areas appeared.
He is very happy and is here to share his good experience with Asxence in order to help prove to people with skin issues that they should try Asxence too.

直到有人推荐他使用昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来缓解他的湿疹问题。他从2023的3月中开始每天服用4-6粒胶囊。到了2023的4月底,他已经看到了一些改善,而且瘙痒少了很多。那些开放性的伤口也比以前愈合得快了很多。

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