Testimonial – Cardiovascular Issues (个人体验 – 心血管问题)

Mr Lim has been taking high blood pressure, cholesterol medication and blood thinner medication for a long time due to some cardiovascular issues.
Those medication affected his energy level, caused weakness and loss of appetite due to upsetting his stomach. He also noticed big patches of bruises whenever he takes a blood test which takes a long time to subside.
He takes a blood test every three months to monitor his condition.
Through a friend’s recommendation to Asxence super food to help in his condition, he consumed 4 capsules daily (2 capsules each time) and in 3 months, he experienced the below results.
1. His gradually regained his energy and he could exercise again.
2. His appetite increased as his stomach was no longer upset from his medications.
3. Bruises does not form after the blood tests.
4. The doctor was happy with his blood test results and body check up and allowed him to do review in every 9 months instead of 3 months.
He was very happy with the results of Asxence and recommended his relatives to try out Asxence to improve their health too. He would also like to share his experiences with Asxence to others here.

這些藥物影響了他的能量水平,使他经常觉得全身乏力。而且因为胃部受到那些药物的影响而失去了食慾,也经常感觉胃不舒服。此外,每當血液測試時,皮膚下面都會有大片的污漬,需要很長時間才能消失。 医生也要求他每三個月去体检和做血液測試。
通過朋友推薦昂晟(Asxence )超級食品(每天2×2膠囊)来幫助他的状况,林先生服用了3个月后发现以下:
1. 他的体力逐漸回來,可以再次做运动。
2. 他的食慾增加,吃得好,胃部不再不舒服。
3. 即使在血液測試之後,那些大面积血渍也不會發生。
4. 醫生對他的血液測試結果和身體檢查感到滿意,並允許他每9個月而不是3個月進行体查。
他非常滿意昂晟对于身体的改善,並推薦他的亲戚使用昂晟耒改善他们的健康。 他也在這里跟大家分享。

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