Testimonial – Alopecia areata (个人体验 – 斑秃)

Caleb had Alopecia areata issue for 6 months but did not seek any treatment due to his busy schedule.
Dr Alvin recommended him Asxence (a super food) to help ameliorate this issue. To his surprise, after two months of consuming Asxence, his family members discovered his hair has grown back and he no longer has Alopecia areata issue.
Furthermore, his sleeping improved and he feels more energetic, less stressed and has better radiance on his face. Therefore, he purchased Asxence for his family members too.
He is very happy of the benefits he gained from supplementing with Asxence and is here to share his good experience.

Caleb 患有斑秃至少 6 个月。但由于非常繁忙,他从未寻求任何治疗。
Dr Alvin Alvin 向他推荐了昂晟Asxence(一种超级食品)来帮助他解决问题。令他惊讶的是,他服用昂晟(Asxence )两个月后,他的家人发现他的头发又长回来了,而且不再有斑秃问题。

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