Sulkhi, who had knee issues for years, had tried many supplements and undergone physical therapy. However, those did not work well and his knee issues caused him to not be able to carry out his normal prayers. Through his friend’s recommendation, he tried Asxence and has been on it for 3.5 months taking 4 capsules (2×2) a day. His knee problems are almost gone and he can now do his normal prayer which makes him very happy. As such, he decided to share his good experience with this product so that people around him will try and benefit from Asxence. He would also like to point out that Asxence is Halal certified and safe for Muslim community to consume.

Sulkhi 多年來膝蓋有些問題,嘗試了很多補品与保健产品和一些物理療法。可是效果不佳,無法正常祈禱。經朋友推薦,他嘗試了 昂晟Asxence 3.5 個月,每天服用 2×2 膠囊。此时,他的膝蓋問題已经恢复得差不多了,可以做正常的祈禱。他很開心,所以決定分享這個好產品,希望昂晟Asxence能幫助更多的人。此外,他很高興昂晟Asxence是清真認證的,穆斯林群体可以安全食用。

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