Shiyun, 30s

Shiyun a woman in her late 30s has a 14 year old son. She has been trying for a second child for many years without success.
In July 2021 during the BNI SMD event, she got a lucky draw prize – a bottle of Axsence (super food) supplement. She started trying it for improvement of stamina and fatigue, skin texture and other health benefits. The founder of Asxence, Alvin, also shared that this super food also will help in her fertility which she did not take seriously at that moment.
However, this year in early March, she was pregnant with her second child. She was totally shocked and happy for this surprise gift.
She was going about her routine lifestyle and the only difference was the consumption of Asxence. Hence, she believes Asxence was one of the main contributor for her pregnancy and so she decided to share her experience in hopes that other couple can benefit from Axsence too.
Really appreciate Shiyun for her generosity in sharing her good experiences.
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