Roseline, 62

I’m Roseline, a 62-year-old housewife. I live in Ipoh, Perak Malaysia. I would like to share my health condition and how Asxence helped me improve
these conditions.

For the past five years, I’ve experienced joint pain practically every day due to arthritis. I’ve tried a lot of different meds, but none have helped my situation. I was even unable to stand or walk for extended periods of time due to joint pain. It exhausted and weakened me.

However, I first learned of Axence’s advantages two months ago and decided to try it. After taking Asxence for a month, I can already tell the difference. My overall health started improving. Compared to the past, my joint discomfort is not as bad. My body now feels more energised.

In addition to arthritis, I also have diabetes since a few years ago and I’m on medication. After supplementing with Asxence, I can tell my situation is improving as well. To have better outcome over time, I’ll keep taking Asxence. I’m truly grateful for Asxence.

我是 62 岁的家庭主妇 Roseline。 我住在马来西亚霹雳州怡保。 我想分享关于我的健康状况以及昂晟(Asxence )如何帮助我改善的一些经验。

在过去的五年里,我几乎每天都经历关节疼痛,原因是关节炎。 我尝试了很多不同的药物,但没有一种对我的情况有帮助。 我什至由于关节疼痛而无法长时间站立或行走。它使我筋疲力尽并削弱了我。

然而,我在两个月前第一次了解到昂晟(Axence )的益处。所以我便尝试昂晟。服用昂晟(Asxence )一个月后,我已经感觉到了一些变化。 我的整体健康状况正在改善。 比较的到上次,关节不适没有那么严重了。 我的身体现在感觉更有活力。

除了关节炎,我还患有糖尿病。已经有好几年在吃医生的药物。现在可以说情况也有好转。 为了获得最大的利益还有更好的结果,我会继续服用昂晟(
Asxence )超级食品。非常感谢昂(Asxence)。

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