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60 Years Old

Thomas (age 60), has been taking Asxence super food to improve his high blood pressure.
After a few months, his systolic blood pressure has dropped from 130 to 110 and diastolic blood pressure has dropped from 85 to 75.
His brother in law, a medical specialist, also faces high blood pressure issues. Similar to Thomas, he took Asxence for 3 months and also started seeing improvement in his blood pressure which achieved optimal readings.
Thomas is taking Asxence regularly with prescribed medication to have better control of his blood pressure and energy levels.
He hopes his video can reach and help those people with high blood pressure issues.

服用几个月后,他的收缩压和舒张压从 130 下降到 110,85 下降到 75。
他还作证说,他的一位妹夫是一名医学专科,也面临高血压问题。但服用昂晟(Asxence) 约 3 个月后,他的血压也有所改善,并达到更理想的读数。


An elderly man’s knee had to go for a major knee replacement and strengthening surgery due to serious wear and tear.
Based on his age and health condition, his doctor estimated that he required at least 6 weeks of rest before he can attempt to practice walking.
He was very worried about the long down time as it will affect his quality of life. At this point, someone recommended his Asxence for faster recovery and pain reduction. He started to consume 6 (3×2) capsules daily.
By the third day, he felt improvement in the pain experienced and he could sleep well at night. Thereafter, his knee recovered fast and well and in 17 days, the doctor was able to remove his stitches and he was also allowed to start practice walking. The speed of recovery was 50% faster than the doctor’s estimation and his doctor too was surprised with his speedy recovery.
He is very happy and is here to share his experience so as to help people who need to undergo surgery.

他非常担心,因为这是段很长的时间,会影响他的日常生活。在这个时候,有人向他推荐昂晟(Asxence)超级食品来帮助加快恢复速度和减轻疼痛。 因此,他每天服用 6(3×2 )颗。


A young married couple had tried to conceive for more than than three years. However, whatever method they tried, and even with guidance from doctors, they still could not fulfil their dreams of becoming parents. This made made them feel very disappointed and helpless.
His friend recommend Asxence super food to regulate his body and after consuming it for around 9 months, (he did not change any habits nor took any special food intake – the only difference was taking Asxence diligently at 2×2 capsules a day) his wife was successfully pregnant and a baby was born.
Also he feels more energetic and was able to cope with daily activities. His skin texture also improved a lot.
He was very happy and is here to share his good experience in hopes to help those people with similar problems.

他的朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来调理他的身体。在服用了大约9个月后,(他没有改变任何生活习惯,也没有改变任何特殊的食物摄入,唯一不同的是每天坚持服用4粒 (2×2)的昂晟(Asxence )),他的妻子成功怀孕并且顺利产下一个婴儿。


After receiving vaccinations, an elderly man experienced very serious eczema and multiple health issues which caused him to be admitted into the hospital. However, the doctors could not cure him and only prescribed medicine to help him with his sleep. Unfortunately, he still felt weak and uncomfortable.
His son was recommended to Asxence and decided to let his dad try Asxence since Asxence is a super food which has helped many cure their skin related diseases.
The elderly man ate a higher dosage of 4-6 capsules a day and within 2 weeks, his condition started to improve. In less than 2 months, his eczema recovered and his health also improved. Moreover, he gained weight and feels more energetic and can carry out his daily activities normally.
He is very happy and hopes his testimony can reach out to more people so they can try out Asxence to improve their health too.

他的儿子被介绍昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来帮助他爸爸改善病情,尤其是针对严重的湿疹。因为昂晟(Asxence )在皮肤有相关疾病方面取得了很多成功。(它能修复,使细胞年轻化与再生)。
随着每天 4-6 粒胶囊的高剂量,他的病情从第 2 周后开始好转,在不到 2 个月的时间里,他的严重湿疹康复了。他的其他健康状况也有所改善,例如心血管问题等。

Mr Hady

Mr Hady had hair lost issues for years and tried many ways to resolve it to no avail.
One day, his Friend Alvin recommended him to take Asxence super food to counter his hair lost issues as Asxence has reparative, regenerative and rejuvenating properties.
After 3 months of consumption, he saw new hair start to grow. Additionally, his skin texture improved and became smoother. His nails also grew faster, became stronger, more luminous, and less prone to breaking easily. Previously it was rough and ridged and chipped off easily.
He is very happy and is here to share his experience with Asxence because he knows that many people has hair loss and dry skin issues.

“哈迪”先生多年来一直有脱发问题。他尝试很多方法,但根本看不到任何改进。 直到他的朋友 Alvin 推荐他服用昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来对抗他的脱发问题。因为昂晟(Asxence )有助于修复,使细胞年轻化和再生身体细胞的功能。
不仅如此,他还有更好的皮肤质地(之前干燥和粗糙),皮肤变得更光滑。之前,他的指甲表面粗糙(波纹),并且容易折断。现在他的指甲变得更光滑,有亮度,长得更快并且不会 不容易断裂。


45 Years Old

A man has long term pigmentation issues for more than 45 years since he was a boy.
As time passed, his pigmentation started to darken and spread. Also, his eyes became rimmed with dark circles.
He tried many ways to improve the pigmentation issues but nothing worked at all. He felt helpless because the doctor told him his condition is due to his weak liver function which will get worse with age.
One day, his friend recommended Asxence super food to help in his pigmentation and some health issues (cardiovascular problems). He started to supplement at an average of 4-6 capsules a day.
In the first 3 months, he started noticing some pigmentation fade and was really happy with the results. His blood pressure also became stable and he felt much more energetic.
In 6 months times, his pigmentation improved by 30% and some areas totally faded. Within this period, there were no new pigmentation that developed.
In 9 months times, his pigmentation improved by 40% and his cardiovascular issues is no longer a life threatening issue. He further gained more energy which enabled him to carry out his daily activities.
He was very happy to receive multiple benefits from Asxence and decided to share his experience in hopes to help people with similar issues.

一位男士从小就有长期的色素问题,至今超过 45 年。最糟糕的是随着时间的推移,色素沉着变深,并且开始出现黑眼圈,而且更多部位被色素沉着覆盖。
他的一位朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来帮助他解决色素沉着和一些健康问题(心血管问题)。他平均每天 服用4-6 粒。
在 9 个月的时间里,他的色素沉着至少改善了 40% 。他的心血管问题不再威胁到他的生命。此外,他有更多的精力去做他的日常活动。
他很高兴得到昂晟(Asxence)的多种好处,所以决定在这里分享。 希望对有类似问题的人有所帮助。

Mr Lim

Mr Lim has been taking high blood pressure, cholesterol medication and blood thinner medication for a long time due to some cardiovascular issues.
Those medication affected his energy level, caused weakness and loss of appetite due to upsetting his stomach. He also noticed big patches of bruises whenever he takes a blood test which takes a long time to subside.
He takes a blood test every three months to monitor his condition.
Through a friend’s recommendation to Asxence super food to help in his condition, he consumed 4 capsules daily (2 capsules each time) and in 3 months, he experienced the below results.
1. His gradually regained his energy and he could exercise again.
2. His appetite increased as his stomach was no longer upset from his medications.
3. Bruises does not form after the blood tests.
4. The doctor was happy with his blood test results and body check up and allowed him to do review in every 9 months instead of 3 months.
He was very happy with the results of Asxence and recommended his relatives to try out Asxence to improve their health too. He would also like to share his experiences with Asxence to others here.

這些藥物影響了他的能量水平,使他经常觉得全身乏力。而且因为胃部受到那些药物的影响而失去了食慾,也经常感觉胃不舒服。此外,每當血液測試時,皮膚下面都會有大片的污漬,需要很長時間才能消失。 医生也要求他每三個月去体检和做血液測試。
通過朋友推薦昂晟(Asxence )超級食品(每天2×2膠囊)来幫助他的状况,林先生服用了3个月后发现以下:
1. 他的体力逐漸回來,可以再次做运动。
2. 他的食慾增加,吃得好,胃部不再不舒服。
3. 即使在血液測試之後,那些大面积血渍也不會發生。
4. 醫生對他的血液測試結果和身體檢查感到滿意,並允許他每9個月而不是3個月進行体查。
他非常滿意昂晟对于身体的改善,並推薦他的亲戚使用昂晟耒改善他们的健康。 他也在這里跟大家分享。


A lady received a chemical injection on her leg for some skin issues. Due to over dosage, the chemical caused the bleaching of the surrounding skin. This is a side effect that the doctor advised might take many years to recover or might not recover at all.

After her friend recommended her Asxence, she took it and noticed most of the affected areas have recovered after just three months of consumption. She was pleasantly surprised that after one year, all the affected areas have fully recovered.

As Asxence helps in the repair, rejuvenation and reproduction of cells, this lady was able to benefit from it.

She is now happy and satisfied and does not need to worry about her ‘ugly legs’.


醫生說可能需要數年才能恢復,也有可能不会复原。在她的朋友推薦她昂晟(Asxence )之后,女士服用了昂晟(Asxence )。数月后,大部分受藥物影響的區域就开始恢復正常。




A lady had chronic constipation and also feels lethargic easily. Further, she has a lot of freckles and pigmentation on her face.
Through her friend’s recommendation to Asxence to improve her above conditions, she observed the below:
1. After 1-2 weeks of consumption, her constipation issue started to improve, and now she does not suffer from constipation.
2. After a few weeks of consumption, her lethargic symptoms became better. Now, despite working long hours, she’s able to focus at work.
3. After using Asxence sunscreen, her freckles and age spots have lightened a lot.
She is very happy and is here to share her good experience with Asxence.

1. 服用昂晟 1-2週後,便秘問題開始好轉,現在不再有便秘问题。
2. 服用昂晟幾週後,她的精神变得很好。即使需要長時間和连续幾天工作,她仍然可以保持精力充沛,能夠專注於繁瑣的工作。
3. 此外,她配合昂晟防晒霜,使她脸上的雀斑淡化了许多。

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