Male, middle-aged

A middle-aged man has been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. After taking the COVID-19 vaccine, both of his legs turned black and he had to undergo surgery to release the clogged blood in his legs. For 3 months, his legs were swollen, numb and he was unable to walk for prolonged period.

After taking Asxence Astaxanthin for five weeks with a dosage of 6 capsules a day, he can now walk without relying on a walking stick, feels more energetic, has improved stamina and even better eye health which was previously deteriorating due to complications arising from diabetes.

He was also surprised by his open wound’s accelerated recovery and he is planning to resume work in 2-3 weeks. He is very satisfied with the results of Asxence Astaxanthin and would like to share his story so that others can also benefit from the product.




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