Male, middle-aged

A middle aged man has gout for many years and attacks were quite regular. When such attacks occur, he would need to consume very strong painkiller Arcoxia to suppress the pain.
Further, he is plagued with long term knee issues due to overexertion from sports and a heavier body weight.
Asxence was introduced to him at a daily dose of 2×2 capsules. After consumption, his gout has almost recovered and only very mild pain is sometimes experienced. In the past year, he seldom experience gout attacks and even if attacks happen, they can be managed without taking painkillers. His knee issues are also mostly gone. As such, he decided to share his experience in hopes that people with the same issues can benefit from it by trying Asxence.
一位中年男士患有痛風多年并且經常发作。每当发作时都需要非常強的止痛藥 Arcoxia(對身體有害)來抑制疼痛。此外,由於過度运动和體重的增加導致長期膝蓋問題。恼人但没有好的解決方法。
直到有人介绍昂晟(Asxence )給他。每天服用2×2 粒膠囊后,他的痛風幾乎恢復了。只是偶爾留下非常輕微的疼痛,很少發作。過去一年就算痛風发作也不需要再服用止痛藥了​​。膝蓋問題也幾乎解決了。因此他想分享他服用昂晟的经验。希望其他和他症状相似的人能参考并且试吃昂晟以解决他们的问题。
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