Male, middle age

A middle age man who works long term in vegetable farming, is constantly under strong sun and is frequently exposed to chemicals present in soil and fertilisers. This caused several skin issues such as eczema, skin inflammation and serious rashes. He tried to seek help from skin specialists for years and consumed many medicine and applied numerous type of creams (some are steroid based). However, his issues were never solved and instead they worsened and spread to many parts of his body. He was thrown into desperation as he was constantly experiencing itchiness and at times, the skin inflammation caused him pain.

However, after his friend recommended him Asxence super food, in less than one month with 4 (2×2) capsules a day, he saw huge improvements in his skin conditions. Some areas have started to heal and therefore, he wants to share his experience to help people with similar problems.


一个长期从事蔬菜种植的中年男子,在强烈的阳光下工作,经常使用化学品并接触土壤和肥料。这导致他产生一些湿疹,皮肤炎症和严重的皮疹问题。虽然他寻求皮肤专家的帮助多年,还服用 大量的药物和使用多种类型的药膏(有些是类固醇类)但从来没有解决他的问题。他的状况事实上一直恶化,还蔓延到他身体的许多部位。这令他有些迷茫, 束手无策,因为他觉得非常痒,而且皮肤发炎导致他感到疼痛。

直到他的朋友向他推荐了昂晟(Asxence )超级食品。他每天服用 4 (2×2 )粒胶囊,不到一个月,有很大的改善,甚至某些部位正在愈合。所以他决定分享,希望可以帮助更多有类似问题的人。

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