Male, middle age

A middle age man has age spots and pigmentation due to more than 25 years of exposure under the sun. Through a friend’s recommendation he supplemented with Asxence super food for general well being.

In three months, he noticed some of his age spots had lightened by 50%, and in 5 months, certain age spots had lightened by 70%.

He is happy and would like to share the additional benefits of Asxence besides maintaining his general well being.

一位男士因晒太阳超过 25 年而出现老年斑/色素沉着。通过朋友推荐,使用昂晟(Asxence )超级食品改善身体状况,提升健康。

三个月内,他发现这些老年斑的部分区域变浅了 50%,而且在 5 个月内,某些范围的老年斑减轻了 70%。

他很高兴并想分享昂晟(Asxence )除了保持身体健康之外的额外好处。

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