A man had serious hair loss problems for many years and his situation was getting worse. After someone recommended him Axsence to improve his hair loss issue, he regularly took 2 capsules a day and started witnessing hair growth.

After 6 months, the difference was quite significant. Although the improvement is slow, he is very happy to gain new hair growth on top of many other health benefits he received from supplementing with Asxence. As such, he has decided to share his experience in hopes that other people can benefit from it.

一个男孑多年来有严重的脱发问题,而且越来越严重,可是他无能为力。直到有人推荐他服用昂晟(Axsence )对抗脱发问题,以及提供健康利益。他每天定期服用 2 粒,几个月后, 令他惊讶的是,一些区域开始长出新头发。

超过6个月,差异很大,虽然改善很慢,但他非常高兴能长出一些新头发,而且旁边的头发越来越多。他也从昂晟(Asxence )获得了很多健康益处。他希望别人可以参考他的经历。

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