Male, 85

This 85 year old uncle survived from colon cancer 20 years ago. However, he experienced a relapse last January, and the cancer cells spread to his liver. His doctor operated on his large intestine and put him under chemotherapy and informed him that he only had a few months left.
Through his friend recommendation, he took Asxence to reduce side effects from the chemotherapy.
His doctor was surprised that he managed to survive until now without side effects. He feels well and his cancer cells did not spread further from his liver which is a small miracle.
He also recovered well from covid -19 (only in 5 days time) two months ago. He only had a little flu and some cough but no fever.
Currently, he is taking 9 (3×3) capsules a day for maintenance. He is happy with the improvements and decided to share his experience in order to help more people with his situation.
兩個月前他也從covid -19(只用5天)中恢復得很好,只有一點點流鼻涕和一些咳嗽,甚至沒有發燒🤒
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