Male, 70

A mid 70 year old man had eczema issues for many years. He sought help from many skin doctors, applied many types of medicine and consumed numerous types of medicine in order to improve his condition.
However, not only was not improving at all, it was worsening which made him quite desperate to find a cure.
Thankfully, last year, his friend recommended him Asxence super food for his issues and within weeks, his skin condition started to improve – his skin was less itchy, healed faster and the affected areas were less painful and less inflamed. Slowly, there were lesser and fewer new outbreaks.
After nine months of taking Asxence at an average of 4 (2×2) capsules a day, his problems are now resolved. As such, he would like to give a testimonial on his good experience with Asxence.
直到去年,他的朋友向他推薦了昂晟(Asxence )超級食品來解決他的問題。服用后,在幾週內,他的皮膚狀況開始改善,瘙癢減少,受影響區域癒合更快,炎症減少,疼痛減輕,受影響的區域越來越小,复发次数也較少。
經過九個月,平均每天 四(2×2)颗Asxence,現在他的問題已解決了。他很高興並決定分享他對 昂晟Asxence 的良好體驗。
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