Male, 65

A 65 year old man was experiencing severe hair loss (70%) due to existing skin issues. His condition was deteriorating and there was little he could do about it.

After taking Asxence for 5 weeks, he observed hair growth and estimated a 30% improvement compared to the start. This made him very optimistic and happy.

After 5 months of Asxence at a dose of 4 capsules (2×2) a day, his condition continued to improve and he has now seen a 90% recovery from his initial hair loss. He is very excited about his improvements and wishes to share his successful experience from taking Asxence.

一位65岁中年男人因为皮膚問題導致幾乎70% 脫髮。而且状况越來越嚴重,可是他無能為力。

服用 Asxence 5 週後,他的頭髮开始有好转并且恢復了30%,使他感到非常高興。


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