Male, 60’s

A man in his 60s who works under the sun and sometimes has contact with chemicals for gardening. His eczema acted up around 5 years ago and he sought help from multiple doctors. Despite using countless medicine and steroid creams, his condition has worsened and the rashes have spread all over his body.

However, all these changed after his friend recommended him ASXENCE which he took daily at a dose of 3×2 capsules a day for two months and subsequently 2×2 capsules a day. After four months, he recovered at least 90% and decided to share his experience for people to refer to.

一位60 多歲的男子,经常在太阳下工作,有時需要接觸一些園藝化學品。他的濕疹大約在 5 年前爆發。虽然尋求醫生的幫助,服用了許多藥物和使用類固醇乳膏,他的病情还是惡化了。皮疹逐步的蔓延到他的身體。

他很無助,直到他的朋友推薦他 ASXENCE。他每天服用 3×2 颗兩個月,后来調整為每天 2×2颗4 個月後,恢復了至少 90% 並決定分享他的经验为了让其他人参考。

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