A man has two keloids at his side and front of the leg for years. They are always itchy which caused him to keep scratching. As a result, sometimes it will be infected and there will be pus which causes a lot of inconvenience and do not look pleasant. However, he did not have a solution for it until his friend recommended him Asxence super food.

He took 2-4 capsules daily for a few months and the itchiness reduced while the keloid slowly became smaller. Now, after 6 months, it is 90 % recovered, and he is here to share the good experience of Asxence in hopes that people with similar condition can benefit from it.

一個男人腿前側和傍側有兩個瘢痕疙瘩好幾年了,老是癢,抓到有時還流膿,造成很多不便,而且瘢痕疙瘩看起來不好看。但是他沒辦法解决,直到朋友推薦 他昂晟(Asxence)超級食物。


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