Male, 57

A 57 year old man had high blood pressure. After taking Asxence Astaxanthin for 4 months, his blood pressure stabilised. His cardiac specialist also reduced the dosage of his high blood pressure medication (Coveram) from 10/5 mg to 5/5 mg. He is very satisfied with the effects of Asxence Astaxanthin as not only did he improved his health, he also managed to reduce the dependency on blood pressure medication.

一个患有高血压的57岁中年男子在吃了四个月的昂晟后,他的血压开始变成非常稳定,并在理想范围内。在咨询他的心脏病专科,他把他的药量从10/5 毫克减少到5/5毫克。他觉得非常的开心,因为除了拥有更健康的身体,还能够把药剂减少。

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