Male, 56

A 56 year old man used Asxence to improve his liver function and saw improvements for two liver readings: the SGPT (ALT) and SGOT (AST). He took 4 capsules (2×2) daily for 6 months and his blood report readings became better whereby the SGPT dropped from 36 (high) to 17 (normal) and the SGOT dropped from 33(high) to 19 (normal).

He was very relieved and very happy from the improvements in his test results and so, decided to share his experiences in hopes that it can help more people with liver issues. Further, his urea reading also dropped from 6.9 (high) to 5.8 (normal).

一位 56 歲的男子使用 昂晟(Asxence )來改善他的 SGPT-麸胺酸丙酮酶 (ALT) 和 SGOT麸胺酸草乙酶 (AST) 的肝功能。他每天服用四(2×2 )颗。6 個月后,他很高興他的 SGPT 從 36(高)下降到 17(正常)而他的SGOT從33(高)下降到19(正常)。

他對自己的檢測結果感到欣慰和高興,并決定分享他的經驗,希望可以幫助更多有肝臟問題的人。此外,他的尿素也從 6.9(高)下降到 5.8(正常)。

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