Male, 50’s

A man in his fifties had some skin issues for quite some time and it was getting worse even after application of steroid cream. His friend recommended him to try Asxence to improve his skin condition and his general health.

After 6 weeks of taking 4 capsules (2×2) of Axsence, his skin has shown great improvement and is almost completely healed. As he was really amazed by the outcome, he wishes to share his journey with Asxence so others with existing skin conditions such as eczema can benefit from Asxence.

這是一個 50 歲左右的中年男子。他有皮膚問題已經有一段時間了。虽然使用類固醇霜,皮肤问题没有好转,甚至越來越嚴重。通过他的朋友推薦他嘗試 Asxence 来改善他的皮膚病並改善他的健康。

服用 4 颗(2×2)Axsence 六週後,他的皮膚改善了很多,幾乎完全癒合。他真的很驚訝,想要分享他的经验 因为他希望可以因此幫助更多患有濕疹或皮膚病的人。

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