An elderly man had diabetic and blood circulation issues for many years.

His legs has developed some open patches and ulcers and the colour of the legs has slowly turned black due to bad blood circulation.

Through his friend’s recommendation to Asxence, he supplemented Asxence with the doctor’s treatment. He took 6 (3×2) capsules a day and within 6 weeks, his open ulcers have basically healed and the blood circulation in his legs has improved. As such, he decided to share his good experience with Asxence to help more people who has similar problems.



通過朋友推薦昂晟Asxence配合醫生治療,他每天吃6(3×2) 壳。约6个星期的時間,他的開放性潰瘍基本痊癒而且腿部血液循環也得到改善。所以他决定分享給更多有類似問題的人,以便帮忙他们解决问题。

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