Male, 40

A man in his mid 40s had eczema for a couple of years. Despite using steroid cream, the rashes always come and go. Although he is very irritated by this, there is nothing much he could do about it.

A friend recommended him to take Asxence super food and his condition improved within two weeks by 50%. By the fourth week, his eczema is under control and he has since recovered. He is very satisfied with the effect of Asxence on his eczema and would like to share his experience to help more people with similar problems.


直到他的朋友推薦他服用Asxence 昂晟超级食物,他开始看到好转。皮肤问题在兩週內改善了50%。四周后,他的濕疹基本得到控制和恢復。對此他感到非常滿意,所以想分享以幫助更多有類似問題的人。

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