male, 30

A 30 year old man has serious diabetes and one of the leg was amputated. He therefore has to do dialysis. He was in despair as his other leg has bad jaundice and he had very slim chances of recovery.
Through a friend’s recommendation to supplement Asxence superfood alongside the treatments at a dosage of 6 capsules a day, his jaundice recovered by 60% and he was able to stand again.
He reduced consumption to 4 capsules a day from May to end June and his jaundice improved further by 80%.
He was very happy that he has reached the last stage of recovery and he escaped the need to amputate his left leg. His recovery also surprised the doctors. He wishes to share his good experience with using Asxence and hopes his testimony can save more diabetic people with such serious problems.
He will provide an update of his status in a few months time.
通过 朋友 的推荐,使用 昂晟(Asxence )超级食物来配搭治疗,一天 服用6 粒胶囊。
一个月 后,坏疸恢复了 60% 而且他又能站起来了。
他很高兴左脚已经到了康复的最后阶段。左脚从截肢中逃脱了,连医生都不敢相信。他特别分享他使用昂晟(Asxence )的良好经验,并希望他的见证可以拯救更多如此严重的糖尿病患者的问题。
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