A middle age man has some cardiovascular issues. Despite undergoing an operation and with doctor’s medicine, his cholesterol level still maintained at a relatively high level.
Through a friend’s recommendation, he supplemented with Asxence super food alongside his doctor’s prescription. After 6 months, his cholesterol level started to improve and decreased to a more optimal level (LDL from 1.9 —> 1.57, HDL from 1.1—> 1.12 and total cholesterol from 3.8–> 3.58. Cholesterol ratio decreased from 3.5 —> 3.21).
He is very happy and will continue to carry on supplementing with Asxence. He has decided to share his experience so as to help more people with similar issues.
通过朋友推荐,他使用昂晟(Asxence)超级食品和医生的药方。6个月后,他的胆固醇水平开始降低到更佳的水平(LDL 低密度胆固醇从 1.9 —> 1.57,HDL 高密度胆固醇从 1.1 —> 1.12,总胆固醇从 3.8–> 3.58,胆固醇比例从 3.5 —> 3.21)。
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