Li Qi, 34

A young lady Li Qi, aged 34, used Axsence 1.5 years ago to help in her recovery from a mild stroke she had. She has been continuously using Asxence to change her health and below are the benefits she experienced after taking Asxence for 18 months.
1. No numbness and needle-pricking sensations.
2. Brain works faster and she has faster reaction time (improved brain power).
3. No more bleeding from the gums.
4. Improve in skin texture and complexion.
5. Always feels energetic and fresh.
She hopes to help more people by sharing her personal experience with Asxence.
一位 34 岁的年轻女士 Li Qi 在一年半前使用昂晟(Axsence )帮助她从轻度中风中恢复过来。并且她一直在使用昂晟(Asxence )来改善她的健康。以下是她服用昂晟 18 个月后的良好经验。
3. 牙龈不再出血。
4. 改善肤质和肤色。
5. 总感觉精力充沛、清新。
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