Li Qi, 33

33 year old Li Qi suffered from stroke. Upon admitting to the hospital, the doctor could not find the root cause and administered her with tranquillisers. After a few weeks, she felt that something was amiss as her arm was numb and she was experiencing pins and needles on her back.

She was recommended to take Asxence Astaxanthin and after 2 months, her numbness dissipated and the sensation of pins and needles on her back had also subsided. Moreover, her gums were no longer bleeding and she felt like a different person altogether.

Li Qi ,年龄33有轻微的中风现象,去到医院后,医生检查不出什么问题,只给她镇定剂,休息了一两个星期后感觉右手有麻麻的感觉,背后有针刺的感觉。

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