Landdis, 31

Ex-national athletic, Landdis who is 31 this year has been taking Asxence Astaxanthin for approximately 3 months.

He experienced 20-30% gain in muscular strength, reduced pain in the joints and lower back (due to intensive weight-lifting training in the past), improved recovery, better energy level throughout the day and also higher quality of sleep.

It is highly recommended to those who participate in sports activities. Individuals who wish to gain muscular strength, stamina, endurance and also at the same time experience reduced lactic acid buildup and improved recovery will definitely benefit significantly from Asxence Astaxanthin.

前国家队铁饼手Landdis (到目前为止是IVP的纪录保持者), 31岁吃了三个月的昂晟虾红素。



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