Kelvin, 50

Kelvin, 50 this year experienced onset sudden deafness. After consulting a doctor, he took some medication and underwent treatment but his condition did not improve. After taking Axsence Astaxanthin, he managed to recover 90% of his hearing after a week. He also had dry eyes and this condition improved significantly. He is on 4 Asxence Astaxanthin capsules a day.

这位中年男子50岁有突变的失聪(耳聋)。是的,医生的药和一些护理都没有效果,但在吃了昂晟虾红素后一个星期后,他的听觉已经恢复90%, 原本他有干眼症也改善的一半以上。他每天服用四颗昂晟虾红素。

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