KB, Late 70’s

KB, who is in his late 70s saw great improvements in his eczema three months after he started taking Asxence. His eyes are also less dry and tired. As he rests better, he feels more energetic and so he can focus better and perform more efficiently at work.
He feels that Asxence works well and is more affordable compared to other medicine or supplements. As such, he highly recommends Asxence.
KB 是一位70多岁的男子。開始服用 Asxence 三個月左右, 他的濕疹改善了很多。他的眼睛也有好转,不再像以前一样乾澀和疲勞。因为现在有更好的休息,他也因此有较好的精力,所以他可以更好、更高效地专注于他的工作。
他认为Asxence 的效果很好,价格也合理,比其他的药物和保健品便宜很多。所以他强力推荐Asxence 。
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