Joyce’s brother

Joyce’s brother has stage four nose cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy weekly. He also has regular injection of pain killer and morphine to manage the pain.
After supplementing with Asxence alongside the chemotherapy, the following observations were made:
1. He did not have side effects of chemotherapy such as mouth or throat ulcers, body pain or darkening of skin.
2. He gained almost 10% of his body weight during the chemotherapy treatments while weight loss was normally observed for chemotherapy patients.
3. He managed to undergo ‘intensive chemotherapy’ with the help of Asxence as Asxence helps to maintain regular haematology functions and readings (the white blood cells, red blood cells, haemoglobin, haematocrit, red blood palettes count). This allowed him to continue the prescribed dose of chemotherapy to ensure the fullest effectiveness is achieved.
4. The tumor had shrunk to the size that his doctor wished to achieve after the chemotherapy cycle which was confirmed after a CT scan.
5. His oncologist was very happy with the results and her brother was able to temporarily stop chemotherapy for months under their close observation.
6. Her brother is living a ‘Normal’ and quality life without being too affected by his cancer.
So, she decided to share his good experience in hopes that it will help people with similar illness.
他服用昂晟, 每天9粒(Asxence),配合化疗 6 周后,发现:
1. 他完全没有副作用,没有口腔或喉咙溃疡,身体疼痛或皮肤没有变黑。
2. 在化疗期间,他的体重甚至增加了近 10%。通常接受化疗的人都会发现体重下降。
3. 他顺利进行‘高密度化疗’因为昂晟有助于稳定/维持血液 (如白细胞、红细胞、血红蛋白、血细胞比容、红血调色板计数)。
4. 肿瘤在化疗周期后通过CT扫描,它已缩小到医生的目标。
5. 肿瘤医生对结果非常满意,在他们的紧密观察下,他能够暂时停止化疗数个月。
6. 她的弟弟过着‘正常’的生活,生活质量没有受到癌症的太大影响。
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