John Cheah, 30

I injured my knee in the September of 2020, and have been trying to manage the pain around the patellar since then. Glucosamine supplements, along with a proper physiotherapy protocol helped me in the recovery process, but the stress of training leading to a competition in April 2021 meant that the pain kept coming on and off through this 7 month period. In addition, the muscle inflammation (commonly felt after training) was severe, and needed weekly relief via massage/dry needling.

I started taking Asxence Astaxanthin in May 2021 after being introduced to Asxence. It has been a month an a half of ramping up training volume and intensity for my next competition, and despite the increased load, my knee hasn’t had a flare of pain since. The inflammation in my VMO has also disappeared— much to the surprise (and disbelief)— of my physiotherapist. In addition, I feel much more alert and able to train, almost as if I’ve reverse- aged back to my early 20s (I’m 30 this year)!

As an athlete, I was initially suspicious of the effects and the legality of Astaxanthin, but a check against the World Anti-Doping Association’s list of banned substances revealed that this is a completely legal supplement. It pains me to share the incredible success I’ve had with Asxence, because it might take away the competitive advantage of this second wind it’s giving me.

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