Post Covid Symptoms.

Jackie suffered from Covid despite being vaccinated. He experienced post-covid neuro syndrome, nausea, weakness, giddiness, fatigue, high blood pressure (never before) and more.

His doctor estimated that it will take 6-12 months to recover but after taking a higher dosage of Asxence, his symptoms have improved by at least 80% and now he is back to his normal life again. As such, he would like to share his experience to help more people with similar symptoms so that others can benefit from it.

Jackie 雖然已經接種了疫苗,但患有 Covid。最糟糕的是 Covid 後綜合症,Covid 後神經綜合徵: 噁心、虛弱、頭暈、疲勞、喘息,高血壓(以前從未有過),以及更多问题。

醫生說需要 6 -12 月個才能恢復。但服用高劑量的 昂晟(Asxence) 後,症狀至少改善了 80%。現在他恢復了正常生活,並決定分享以幫助更多有類似症狀的人。因此他想分享他的经验好让那些面臨类似情况的人参考。

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