Retinal detachment, eye floaters and tinnitus.

This lady went for eye lasers to treat her retinal detachment issue. However, after the lasers, she still could not see very clearly for months even though she was also taking numerous berries-extract supplements.

After her friend’s recommendation, she started consuming Asxence at a 3×2 daily dose. After two months, she could see much clearer and noticed less floaters in her eyes. Her vision has also improved greatly and her chronic throat inflammation has reduced by at least 80% while her tinnitus has reduced by at least 70%.

Therefore, she would like to share her experience to help people with similar conditions.


在朋友推薦昂晟(Asxence) 下,她 每天服用昂晟(Axsence )3×2 颗。兩個月後,可以看到更得清晰,而且眼睛也更少飞蚊症。此外,她的眼睛視力得到很大改善。她的慢性喉嚨炎症也減少了至少80%,耳鳴減少了至少70%。


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