Female, 80’s

A senior around the age of 80, has dry eyes, age spots and experience constant weakness. Through a friend’s recommendation, she started taking Asxence. After consuming 4 capsules daily (2×2) for 2-3 months, she experienced the following improvements.

1. Her dry eye problem improved so much that she now seldom uses eye drops.

2. Her age spots greatly reduced by almost 70% which she is extremely grateful for as she initially was worried that her age spots would cover her whole face. Now, she has radiant skin and better complexion.

3. Her energy levels are higher and she has better strength when carrying out daily activities. Prior to consuming Asxence, she was constantly lethargic.

一位80歲左右的阿姨,眼睛乾澀,经常無力,脸上也有老年斑問題。通過朋友推昂晟 (Asxence),服用2-3個月後(2×2颗一天),她体会了以下的进步:


2. 她脸上的老年斑減少了很多,差不多70%。这令她感到很高興,因為她很担心她的老年斑會慢慢覆蓋她的臉。现在,她不用再擔心了,而且她比以前更容光煥發,膚色更好。

3. 以前,她经常感到疲惫,无精打采。近日,她服用Asxence后,不再感到非常累,做事更有精神和活力。

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