Female, 70

A lady, around the age of 70, has been taking Asxence for almost two months. She experienced improvements in:
1. Her age-related pigmentation (dark spots) has reduced by 80%.
2. Her eyes are clearer and she can see things with better clarity.
3. She regained a lot of energy and can now walk much faster and longer without panting.
She’s really happy and has decided to share her experience so more people can benefit from it.

一位 70 歲左右的女士,服用 昂晟Asxence 近兩個月後,有以下好的體驗:
1. 她的年齡色素沉著(黑斑)減少了近 80%。
2. 她的眼睛更清晰,看得更清楚。
3. 她恢復了很多精力,現在活动时可以更穩定、更快、更長時間也不會氣喘吁籲。 真的很開心,因此決定分享,讓更多人受益。

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