A lady was having bad body ache and suspected it was due to a virus infection. She could not walk, bend or do any simple movements because doing so will cause her aching pain.
She recalled being told that Asxence is very special and different from other supplements as it has very strong anti inflammatory effects (will reduce pain), anti-tumor, anti fatigue and many other effects.
So, she got herself some Asxence and started taking six (3×2) capsules a day. Within one week, the pain was basically gone and she could resume her normal mobility.
As such, she decided to share her experience in hopes that her testimony can reach more people so they can benefit from Asxence too.
一位女士全身酸痛,怀疑是病毒引起的。 她不能走路,弯腰或做任何简单的动作,因为她做任何 动作都会感到疼痛。
她想起有人和她说昂晟(Asxence )很特别,和其他的产品不同因为它有很强的抗炎作用(会减轻疼痛),强抗肿瘤,抗疲劳等等的良好作用。
所以,她决定跟公众分享,希望她的见证能影响到更多的人,让他们也能从昂晟(Asxence )中受益。
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