An elderly lady had to cut off 4 of her toes due to skin cancer in Sep 2021.
A few months after the operation, her foot was still in quite a bad condition (picture 13 Nov 2021). She mentioned that it was very painful and sore and it was constantly swollen and sometimes she experienced numbness which prevented her from walking.
Doctors told her it might take a few years to recover and she was helpless until someone recommended her Asxence super food. She supplemented with the doctors treatment at a higher dosage of 6 (3×2) capsules a day.
Within four months, (picture on 16 Feb 2022), the pain is basically gone and the swelling visibly subsided. The soreness and numbness has reduced significantly due to better blood circulation (Asxence improves blood circulation and suppresses inflammation) which allowed her to start walking very short distances.
In eight months’ time, (picture 18 Jun 2022), there were no more pain, swelling and soreness. The skin texture started to show signs of improvement (no darkening or black patches) and she could start walking again.
She has decided to share her experiences in hopes that it would benefit someone with similar conditions.
2021 年 9 月左右,一位年长的女士因皮肤癌切除了 4 个脚趾。
医生告诉她可能需要几年时间才能恢复。她因此感到很无奈。直到有人建议她每天服用更高剂量的 6 (3×2 )粒昂晟(Asxence )超级食品并配合医生的治疗。
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