A young lady was facing an adverse event post booster jab for weeks and her condition persisted despite having tried multiple ways to treat it.
After being introduced to Asxence super food, she started taking 2 Asxence daily and gradually increased to 4 capsules per day. Soon, her condition started improving which brought great joy. She understands that many have had similar reactions from the covid vaccination, thus, she would like to share her experience in hopes that others can benefit from consuming Asxence.

一位年輕女士在打了追加剂疫苗後面对一些副作用长达几週。儘管她嘗試了很多方法,但情況並沒有改善。直到有人推薦她的 昂晟“Asxence ”超級食品,開始每天服用 2 粒Asxence 並逐漸服用 4 粒以達到這樣的效果。 她很高興並決定分享,因為她知道許多其他人在接種疫苗後也有類似的問題。

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