This lady has been taking Asxence and applying the Asxence sunscreen (which contains Astaxanthin) for a few months. She has since seen obvious improvements in her skin texture and the pigmentation on her face has lightened significantly. Now, her skin is lighter, more moisturised and she looks more radiant.
All in all, she has better energy, feels more focused, has better sleep and is enjoying the cosmetic effects from consuming Asxence and using the Asxence sunscreen. As such, she would like to share her experience so that others can reference it.
這位女士在服用昂晟(Asxence )和使用Asxence防嗮膏数月后,发现她的面部皮肤质量进步了很多,色素也淡化了不少。目前皮肤变得更白,更滋润,看上去容光焕发。

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