A lady had serious itchy scalp issues due to a few factors such as long term usage of hair dyes and stress. This has caused her to not be able to sleep properly and to lose focus at work. Despite trying many ways to solve this, she was unsuccessful in doing so.
Her friend recommended her to Asxence super food to improve her scalp issues. After 10 days of taking Asxence, her itchy scalp improved a lot and she can now sleep better and focus on her work.
She is very happy and has decided to share her good experiences with Asxence.
通过朋友推荐使用昂晟Asxence 超级食品来改善头皮问题,她服用昂晟Asxence 10天后,头皮发痒的问题改善了很多。现在,她可以比较容易入睡,也可以专注于她的工作。
她很高兴并决定分享她和昂晟Asxence 的良好体验。
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