Derrick, 44

44 year old Derrick, broke his shoulder bone for the second time in two months. After the operation, he only consumed Asxence Astaxanthin (3 capsules x 3 times a day) without the aid of any painkiller.

This time, Derrick experienced much lesser pain as compare to the first operation. He also sleeps well and realises his recovery is much faster as compared to his first operation.

He highly recommends individuals to consume Asxence Astaxanthin before and after their operations so that the inflammation and pain will be suppressed, contributing to a much faster recovery process.

四十四岁Derrick , 不小心又折断他的肩膀的骨头。这是他在两个月的第二次受伤,因此又去开刀。但这次只吃比较高级量的昂晟(3×3 颗一天)並没有吃减痛药。



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