Daniel contracted a sore throat recently. As he had already started supplementing with Asxence prior to this, his friend recommended him to take higher dosage of 6 capsules/day to ease his sore throat. Within half a day his sore throat was basically gone. As he usually required 5 – 7 days to recover from a sore throat, he was pleasantly surprised by the quick recovery as a result of supplementing with Asxence.
Moreover, he observed that he had better mental and physical energy after taking Asxence. As such, he’s sharing his good experience with Asxence.
在半天之内,他的喉咙痛基本上消失了。这让他对昂晟(Asxence )的效果感到惊讶因为通常他需要 5-7 天才能恢复。
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