Ahmad Zamani

Hi, I am Ahmad Zamani. Badminton is one of my passionate sport and mostly play every days. Since I had my knee operation 2 years ago, doctor advised me to stop and wait for the recovery that will expect to take longer time. I had tried many others supplement and medication but seems the result still the same but after trying this Axcense the product from Singapore. I can feel the different on my knee and I could move better on badminton court. Although I am still not fully recovered but I managed to move and hit the shuttle rom backcourt to frontcourt. Therefore, I am very grateful to have this product tried.

As a sport man and badminton lover, this supplement improve my health a lot and I would like other people to experience it as well. I wish to recommend Axcense to those who need to improve their health. Thank you

嗨,我是艾哈邁德·紮馬尼。 羽毛球是​​我熱愛的運動之一,大部分時間每天都在打。 由於我兩年前做過膝蓋手術,醫生建議我停下來等待恢復,但需要很长長的時間。 我嘗試了許多其他補充劑和藥物,没有什么改善,但在嘗試了來自新加坡的 昂晟”Axcense ”產品几个月之後。 我能感覺到膝蓋的不同,很大的改善,我可以在羽毛球場上更好地移動。 雖然我還沒有完全康復,但我可以從後場到前場進行了穿梭。 因此,我非常感謝試用該產品。

作為一個運動愛好者和羽毛球愛好者,這種補充劑極大地改善了我的健康,我希望其他人也能體驗到它。 我想向需要改善健康的人推薦 Axcense。

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