Adrian has contracted a type of rare cancer years ago but after treatment, he went into remission. Two years ago, he was once again diagnosed with another type of cancer, this time at stage 4.
Through a friend’s recommendation, he supplemented with Asxence super food along his cancer treatments which has already helped him to extend his life by 6 months. Moreover, the side effects from the treatments has drastically reduced by at least 80% and he now lives with less pain, more energy and a better quality of life.
He strongly suggests people who wishes to be more healthy as well as people who are cancer survivors undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer treatments, to supplement with Asxence to have a healthier life.
Adrian 在多年前曾患上一种罕见的癌症。经过治疗后“痊愈”。两年前,又被诊断出患有另一种癌症,这次癌症已经在第4期。
经朋友介绍使用超级食品昂晟(Asxence )来搭配化疗,昂晟已经帮助他延长了至少 6 个月的生命。不仅如此,那些冶疗的副作用至少减少了 80%,减轻了疼痛,给他能量,并且有质量的生活。
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